Over the winter in Alberta, debris like fallen leaves, twigs, and branches accumulate on our lawns and begin to overtake the grass. This debris can cause numerous complications throughout your lawn, but by taking care of it early with a spring cleanup service, you can get ahead of the game. With debris strewn about, your property may begin to look dull, but spring cleanups can rejuvenate your lawn and improve your curb appeal. Cleanups also allow your grass to breathe without being smothered by debris, restoring access to essential resources that help it thrive. The first mow of the year will also occur in your spring cleanup. Mowing your grass to the correct height will start it off on the right foot!

A spring cleanup will rejuvenate your lawn and improve curb appeal.

Professional from Prestige using a rake to dethatch lawn in Calgary, AB.

Even if you're not planning on reselling your property in the near future, curb appeal is still an important thing to keep up. It affects how people view your property and sometimes how they view you! With debris strewn about on your lawn, your property can appear neglected and dull rather than being a true reflection of your hard work. Spring cleanups include services that will rejuvenate your lawn such as mowing, string trimming, debris removal, power raking, and more, resetting it to its well-manicured state and improving your curb appeal.

Power raking will relieve your lawn of thatch buildup, allowing more sunlight to reach your soil and improving grass root development.

Cleaning up debris will foster access to sunlight and air for your lawn.

Like a fire blanket tossed over a flame, debris on your lawn can block off your lawn's access to vital nutrients and smother the grass beneath. Without direct access to sunlight, your grass will struggle to photosynthesize, stunting its growth and potentially causing major damage. Air is just as important to the health of grass as it is for our health, so after a spring cleanup, your lawn will have the ability to breathe again. This will foster healthy growth in your lawn, a necessity if you want to have lush grass!

Grasses use oxygen to break down sugars and release energy for things like growing new, healthy shoots.

The first mow of the year in a spring cleanup will encourage healthy growth.

Prestige professional using a push mower to mow lawn in Aspen Woods, AB.

The first mow of the year will set the tone for your lawn intentions – spring cleanups ensure it's a good one. Your grass will be mowed to the correct height for its type, taking into consideration any seasonal challenges in your area, and never removing enough of the grass blade to cause stress. This will help increase the density of your lawn, encourage healthy growth, and clip off any unhealthy tips from the blades. A properly done first mow will promote good health in the lawn and get you started on the right foot!

Set your lawn up for success. Call us today to schedule your spring cleanup!

Few things can set your lawn up for success in the coming year like a spring cleanup performed by professionals. If you're on the hunt for the right company to trust your lawn to, look no further. At Prestige Outdoor Services, we believe in bringing a can-do attitude to every job, paying meticulous attention to detail to every corner of a lawn until it's spotless. Our spring cleanups are no exception – we blow out plant beds, power rake, remove debris, string trim, and blow debris off of hard surfaces. If your residential, commercial, or HOA property needs a pick-me-up and you're in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, or a surrounding city in Alberta, we're here to help! Call us today at (403) 250-8464 to schedule your spring cleanup service and get your lawn back to its best condition.