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Lawn Fertilization Service Serving the Greater Calgary, AB area

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Lawn Fertilization Treatments for Properties in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, & Nearby Cities in Alberta

Encourage healthy, weed-free growth with proper lawn fertilization services for your home or commercial property.

Bright green lawn with fertilizer mixed in near Calgary, Alberta.

Along with regular mowing and weed control treatments, keeping a well-maintained lawn requires proper fertilization to help your yard stay in good health. Protect your lawn against disease, drought, weeds, and other pests by adding nutrient-rich fertilizer. Our company uses a slow-release fertilizer application that allows your lawn to receive nutrients gradually and at a more consistent rate.

Our 5-treatment fertilization process ensures that your lawn is never lacking in nutrients. We will visit your property 5 times throughout the year to replenish nutrients as the seasons and weather conditions change. We offer our services to homes in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, and other nearby cities in Alberta.

Slow-release fertilizer applications will help your lawn absorb more nutrients.

Prestige Outdoor Services offers the best fertilizer services in Calgary, AB. Our regimented fertilization plan ensures that your lawn receives all of the nutrients it needs to survive threats like common insects and diseases.

All fertilizers contain three key nutrients: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Grass and other plants need the right combination of these nutrients for optimal growth. Since fertilizers containing phosphorus are closely regulated, we are careful to use these fertilizers in compliance with all local laws.

Furthermore, the products we use are slow-release polymeric fertilizers, which slowly allow fertilizer to integrate into your soil. Slow-release polymeric fertilizers are easy on the environment by slowly releasing fertilizer into the soil, meaning that your plants absorb more nutrients. Since the plants absorb more fertilizer, that means less of it ends up in runoff water. And, since this slow-release fertilizer is cost-effective, the service is easy on your wallet, too.

Fertilizer helps prevent weeds as well as grow a healthy yard.

Well fertilized and weed free lawn in Airdrie, Alberta.

Not only will you see visible benefits to fertilizing your lawn by the appearance of the grass, but fertilizer can help with weed control, too. Fertilizers help to strengthen plants’ roots and also help with water retention. Fortifying your lawn's roots with fertilizer makes it more difficult for the roots of unwanted plants to overtake your grass.

Fertilizer helps you grow a healthy yard of thick grass so that it becomes difficult for weeds to spread and starve your lawn. When the grass in your yard is thick, seeds from weeds are less likely to penetrate the soil. Lawn care is all about striking a balance, and when you find it, you will see that attention in one area can have benefits in other areas, too.

We recommend a five-treatment process to keep your lawn green and healthy.

We get the best results for your lawn by following our Five Treatment process. Our crew of fertilization experts will treat your lawn once in the spring, followed by a weed treatment when those pesky weeds start to appear.

Next, we return to your property with our fertilizer services in the summer. After the summer fertilization, we will assess the lawn again to see if it needs another post-emergent weed treatment.

We will return mid-to-late summer to apply another weed treatment when we see the next bloom of weeds start to make an appearance.

Finally, we will return for one last fertilization in the fall. This five-treatment process ensures that your lawn has all of the nutrients that it needs throughout the growing season.

Our team can help your lawn grow with fertilizer applications. Call today!

Trust Prestige Outdoor Services with your fertilization and lawn maintenance needs in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, and nearby areas. Our continued fertilization services help you to maintain the lush green grass you’ve always envisioned in your yard. Call Prestige Outdoor Services today at (403) 250-8464 to speak with a lawn care expert about scheduling our fertilization services for your yard.