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A professional installing an irrigation system for a customer in Signal Hill, AB.

Signal Hill, Calgary, AB Lawn Care & Irrigation Services

We work to keep your lawn in Signal Hill, Calgary healthy and hydrated with our lawn care and irrigation services.

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We offer professional lawn care and irrigation services to homes and businesses in Signal Hill, Calgary.

Give your lawn everything it needs, from fertilization to irrigation, so it flourishes effortlessly.

Signal Hill, Calgary is a community in Canada home to more than 13,000 people. The most striking thing about Signal Hill is its history. Found on the hillside of this community are large numbers showing 137, 113, 151, and 51 made from about 16,000 stones stacked together. These numbers represent the regiment numbers of the Calgary, Lethbridge, Central Alberta, and Edmonton battalions from the First World War.

Our professionals at Prestige Outdoor Services are proud to have served the Signal Hill community since 1985. Today, we continue to strengthen lawns in this community by giving them everything they need. Whether it's lawn care services, lawn maintenance services, irrigation services, or snow removal we can handle it. Our team also offers holiday lighting and window cleaning services.

We Provide Reliable Care & Maintenance Services For Your Lawn & Landscape

A professional from Prestige aerating a lawn in Signal Hill, AB.

Happy lawns are healthy lawns. To become healthy, your grass needs fertilization and weed control treatments that nourish it with much-needed nutrients while preventing persistent weeds from stealing these nutrients from your turf. Sometimes, these nutrients can have a hard time reaching the roots because of soil compaction. This can result in a less than stellar lawn that grows poorly, affecting your curb appeal in Signal Hill. Part of our reliable lawn care services is aeration which helps vital resources find their way into the roots of your grass again. If your turf is patchy and thin, overseeding will fill in these patches and bring in healthier growth.

If your lawn in Signal Hill is well-cared-for, it will continue to grow tall and green. Mowing your lawn to maintain its lush appearance is time-consuming and back-breaking, and that's where we come in to help. We also provide spring and fall cleanups to ensure your landscape in Signal Hill always looks neat and pristine.

Our team does more than mow your lawn because we'll also handle string trimming and cleaning up the grass clippings after the mowing process.

Keep your irrigation system in tip-top shape to ensure your lawn and plants are well-hydrated.

One of the essential things your lawn and plants need to remain in tip-top shape is water. Our irrigation technicians at Prestige Outdoor Services can ensure your property in Signal Hill has a state-of-the-art irrigation system. We are also experts at keeping your irrigation system working flawlessly to ensure your lawn remains well-hydrated. You can rely on us if you need help preparing your irrigation for the winter and opening it back up for the spring. Below are the irrigation services that we offer:

We offer services like window cleaning, snow removal, and holiday lighting.

A home decorated in holiday lighting in Signal Hill, AB.

Whether you own a home or business in the Signal Hill, Calgary area, cleaning your windows is vital to increasing the curb appeal of your property. Let our team take care of it for you! We also handle snow removal, which is a tough job to do by yourself. You can trust that we'll clear your property of snow and make it accessible for you and your guests. We also provide holiday lighting services to brighten up your home or business in Signal Hill and make it stand out in your neighbourhood.

Call our experts today to schedule our expert lawn care and irrigation services!

At Prestige Outdoor Services, we work to ensure your lawn has everything it needs to thrive. Whether you need expert lawn care or top-quality irrigation services, you can rely on our experienced crew to deliver reliable results. We provide our lawn care and irrigation services to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Signal Hill, Calgary. Call us today at (403) 250-8464 to schedule.