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Lawn mowing at a home property in Airdrie, Alberta.

Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Serving the Greater Calgary, AB area

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Reliable Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Services in the Calgary, Alberta Area.

Our expert mowing and lawn maintenance team can keep your yard looking beautiful throughout the year with regular maintenance service.

Lawn mowing services at a property near Airdrie, Alberta.

A beautiful lawn is the perfect complement to your home and is a great place to enjoy spending time with family and friends. But taking care of your lawn yourself can be a huge hassle.

Prestige Outdoor Services provides expert grass cutting and lawn maintenance services for residents in and around Calgary, Alberta to keep your lawn in pristine condition all year. Our team’s reliable lawn care services will leave your yard healthy and looking great.

Lawn Mowing Services Include Mowing, String Trimming, and Blowing

No matter the size of your yard, we work hard to make sure that your grass is properly cut. A tidy yard is usually a healthy yard, and that’s why our expert crew follows specific company guidelines for your yard maintenance. These guidelines also help us to provide a consistent and excellent lawn mowing service.

String Trimming

String trimming along a fence line near Calgary, Alberta.

String trimming is included as a part of your lawn care with Prestige Outdoor Services. String trimming includes using a powered string trimmer to tighten up grass and growth around the perimeter of your house as well as around trees and other fixed structures like patios, decks, and fire pits. This detailing service goes a long way to help keep your yard looking neat and tidy.

Cleanup of Clippings

Your general lawn maintenance service will also include blowing debris and clippings off hardscapes and other yard features. After mowing the grass, we will blow the grass clippings away from your yard, sidewalk, and driveway as a finishing touch to give your yard a perfectly manicured look. We dispose of your clippings in your green compost bin.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing Will Keep Your Yard Healthy and Maintained

Lawn maintenance is a service that you may need to renew often, and that is why we allow our customers to schedule weekly or bi-weekly mowings during the growing season. For best results and proper maintenance, we recommend weekly mowing for all lawns.

Either way, a regular mow keeps your yard looking fresh and healthy. And if you’re scheduling regular grass cutting for your business, you can expect a more professional appearance for your customers.

Spring Cleanups

Yard cleanup services at a home in Chestermere, Alberta.

When spring is in full swing, all of the new growth can wreak havoc on your yard. Fallen branches, twigs, and leaves can litter your yard, giving it an unkempt appearance. Our experienced crews will remove all seasonal debris. Our clients love this time of the year, we love cleaning up your lawn to ensure it is beautiful for the growing season. Read more about our spring cleanups.

Fall Cleanups

Similar to the debris caused by new growth in spring, fall can also bring seasonal debris. Fall cleanups are a hassle for many of our clients that can be avoided by hiring our team of professionals. Fallen leaves can be detrimental to your lawn if left unattended, as they can lead to fungus growth after snow melts. We help you prevent this and other seasonal lawn care challenges by removing leaves promptly. A clean, tidy, leaf and debris-free property will beautify your home moving into the winter months.

Professional Mowing Means a Healthier Lawn

Everything we do aims to keep your yard healthy and beautiful. When we mow, we follow the rule of thirds, meaning that we will only mow up to 1/3rd of the blade height. This allows your grass to absorb more nutrients as it grows, leading to more successful photosynthesis, and therefore, healthier grass. We typically cut grass to 2 inches, but we’re happy to adjust this depending on customer requests and on the type of grass.

Our professional equipment also allows for cleaner cuts, as commercially sharpened blades won’t tear grass from the ground. Finally, when we mow, we also rotate mowing patterns to prevent the lawnmower tires from causing brown spots and ruts.

Going on vacation? Schedule our temporary mowing service!

There’s a lot that goes into planning a vacation, whether it’s just for a weekend or for a whole month. The last thing you want to worry about is who will mow your lawn while you are away. Let us take care of it with our temporary mowing service! We are flexible and can meet the needs of your schedule; hire us for a one-time mow or schedule weekly or bi-weekly mowing for the whole duration of your trip. You can relax knowing that your lawn is taken care of while you are away!

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If you need expert lawn mowing services and lawn maintenance in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, or a nearby city in Alberta, call us at (403) 250-8464 today. Our experienced crew will make sure that your yard is always in tip-top shape!