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Lake Bonavista,
Calgary, AB Lawn Care & Irrigation Services

Maintain the optimum health of your lawn in Lake Bonavista, Calgary through proper lawn care and adequate irrigation.

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We offer lawn care and irrigation services to homes and businesses in Lake Bonavista, Calgary.

Our experts will help you grow the green and thriving grass you want with our lawn care and irrigation services.

Lake Bonavista is located in Southeast Calgary and is home to about 12,000 residents. To say this community is beautiful might be an understatement because Lake Bonavista is the first community in Canada to be formed around two man-made lakes, Lake Bonavista and Lake Bonaventure. This area is perfect for people who enjoy water activities such as fishing, boating, and swimming.

At Prestige Outdoor Services, we help property owners maintain their beautiful homes and businesses in Lake Bonavista with our reliable lawn care, maintenance, and irrigation services. We also offer additional services such as snow removal, holiday lighting, and window cleaning.

We provide top-tier lawn care and maintenance services to strengthen and protect your grass.

Employee from Prestige Outdoors taking away bags full of leaves and debris in Lake Bonavista, AB.

Achieving a healthy and vibrant lawn is not an easy feat. At Prestige Outdoor Services, we can help with our top-tire lawn care services! We offer fertilization and weed control treatments to strengthen your grass and eliminate persistent weeds trying to steal nutrients from your turf. If your lawn in Lake Bonavista still seems to be struggling, you need to look into our aeration and overseeding services. We will aerate your turf to ensure the roots can access essential resources and then overseed to promote new grass growth.

One of our top-tier lawn maintenance services that property owners in Lake Bonavista should take advantage of is our lawn mowing and maintenance service. This service includes lawn mowing, string trimming, and blowing debris off of hard surfaces to keep your lawn looking pristine. We also offer spring cleanups to prepare your lawn for the new growing season and fall cleanups to prepare your lawn for winter dormancy.

We offer a variety of high-quality irrigation services.

Hydrated lawns are happy lawns. At Prestige Outdoor Services, we are experts at everything irrigation. We offer irrigation installation if you have not set up an irrigation system for your property yet. We will install an irrigation system that fits and meets the needs of your lawn and landscape. Our company also offers an irrigation maintenance service that will ensure your irrigation system is running smoothly to maintain the health of your lawn.

Winters in Lake Bonavista can be tough, which is why you need irrigation winterization to safely shut down your irrigation system during this season. After the winter, we can perform an irrigation start-up to safely get your system back up and running.

We offer commercial irrigation to business owners in Lake Bonavista so they can rest assured their lawn is hydrated while they focus on their craft.

We Also Offer Snow Removal, Window Cleaning, & Holiday Lighting

Holiday lights decorated around a perimeter of a home in Lake Bonavista, AB.

Your windows on your home or business face a lot of grime, dirt, and other contaminants that affect not only its appearance but also your property's overall curb appeal. At Prestige Outdoor Services, we offer window cleaning services so you don't have to climb up a ladder and balance on it to clean your windows!

With the Lake Bonavista area receiving about 21 inches of snow from November to May, snow removal can be tedious. We got your back! Our team offers commercial and residential snow removal services so you can stay cozy inside your property. Our holiday lighting service will make your property stand out with bright and colorful lights during the holiday season.

Call our lawn care pros today to schedule our lawn care and irrigation services.

At Prestige Outdoor Services, we provide expert lawn care and irrigation services for homes and businesses in Lake Bonavista, Calgary. If you need help looking after your turf, call our team today at (403) 250-8464 to schedule!