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Aspen Woods, Calgary, AB Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

Keep your property in top shape with our comprehensive lawn care and maintenance services.

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Professional Lawn Care & Maintenance Services Offered in Aspen Woods, Calgary, AB

Our team has been providing lawn care and maintenance services since 1985.

Aspen Woods is a neighbourhood in the southwest quadrant of Calgary, Alberta. With a population of around 5,200 people, this neighbourhood has a relaxed, small-town feel to it. Although it is known as an affluent area, Aspen Woods also has an abundance of natural space to enjoy, including many parks and walkable trails.

At Prestige Outdoor Services, our team provides quality lawn care and maintenance services for residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Aspen Woods. These services include fertilization, weed control, lawn mowing, irrigation winterization, aeration, overseeding, and more. We also offer additional services such as holiday lighting and snow removal.

Improve the Health of Your Lawn with Our Lawn Care Services

Our 5-step fertilization program is designed to replenish your lawn's vital nutrients and promote healthy growth. Our team utilizes slow-release fertilizer that contains nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus in order to provide sustained nourishment for your lawn. Our fertilization program also includes weed control treatment applications. Throughout the program, we will spot treat any existing weeds with a liquid post-emergent weed control treatment.

In addition to fertilization and weed control, we also offer our core aeration and overseeding lawn care services. During aeration, our team uses aerator machines to remove small plugs of soil from your entire lawn. This loosens up compacted soil and allows for the proper absorption of water and essential nutrients. We overseed your lawn by spreading our premium blend of Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, and ryegrass seeds over your property. We highly recommend you schedule our overseeding service right after aeration to encourage optimal seed-to-soil contact.

We Offer All of the Irrigation Services You Need

Professional from Prestige Outdoor Services preppy irrigation system for winterization in Aspen Woods, AB.

We offer irrigation installation services, meaning that we can design and install a custom irrigation system that works with the needs of your lawn and the layout of your landscape. We also offer maintenance services to ensure your system is working correctly.

We also offer winterization and spring startup services for your irrigation system. During the winterization process, we will deactivate your irrigation system and blow out any leftover water using an air compressor. This will prevent your pipes from cracking or bursting over the winter season. During a spring startup, we will reactivate your irrigation system and perform a thorough inspection to ensure that every part is working properly.

Our team provides all of these services for commercial properties in Aspen Woods with our commercial irrigation program.

Our Lawn Maintenance Services Will Keep Your Lawn Looking Perfect

String trimming service being performed by professional in Aspen Woods, AB.

Our lawn mowing and maintenance service includes string trimming and blowing as well as mowing. We offer both weekly and bi-weekly mowing schedules depending on how quickly your turf grows.

To maintain the appearance of your landscape, we also offer spring cleanups and fall cleanups. Both of these services include removing any leaves and excess debris from your lawn in addition to string trimming and blowing.

Our seasonal services include snow removal and holiday lighting.

To make your winter season more convenient, we offer our holiday lighting and snow removal services. Our team will install, take down, and store your own custom outdoor lighting setup this holiday season. We also provide snow and ice removal services for both commercial and residential properties in Aspen Woods.

We also offer our window cleaning service that leaves your windows streak-free and crystal clear.

Schedule our comprehensive lawn care and maintenance services with us today!

Since 1985, our team at Prestige Outdoor Services has been proudly serving property owners in Aspen Woods. We have the tools, training, and experience necessary to provide you with the best service. Call us at (403) 250-8464 today to schedule our comprehensive lawn care and maintenance services!