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Dandelion weeds overgrowing in a Chestermere, Alberta lawn.

Weed Control Service Serving the Greater Calgary, AB area

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Effective Weed Control Services for Properties in and around Calgary, Alberta.

Protect your home or business from invasive plants with the top-rated weed control service in the Calgary, Alberta area.

Spraying weed control treatments on a Calgary, Alberta lawn.

Take action to root out weed problems in your lawn with Prestige Outdoor Services. We provide seasonal services that will keep your yard green and healthy year-round. Routine mowing will only get your yard halfway to its ideal appearance. If you want the perfect finishing touch on your outdoor areas, let us improve your lawn with our effective weed control services.

Combine Weed Control with Routine Lawn Maintenance for the Best Results

Do you need weed control services for your dandelion and thistle problems? Prestige Outdoor Services is the best weed control company in Calgary and can help you with weed control treatments after weeds have sprung up. Throughout the growing season, we will address weeds on your lawn with localized spot treatment.

Weed control is only one step toward the neat and beautiful yard of your dreams. Treatment for weeds works best when paired with proper watering routines and routine lawn maintenance.Throughout the growing season, we will address weeds on your lawn with broadcast and localized spot treatment.

Weeds Will Steal Nutrients From Your Lawn

Clover weeds growing at a Airdrie, Alberta home.

Simply put, letting weeds run rampant in your yard will eventually kill your grass. The root systems of weeds are also incredibly aggressive. These hungry roots take in all of the nutrients in the soil that should be feeding surrounding plants. Don't let weeds soak up the nutrients that your lawn needs. Common lawn weeds can also change the pH of the soil, hindering the growth of your grass.

Prestige Outdoor Services Treats Weeds At The Beginning Of The Season To Prevent Spreading

Weeding your lawn can be tiresome and tedious. In addition, it can be hard to identify weeds, since there are many different types of weeds and some of them can look like normal flowers or regular grass. Our schedule of weed control treatments ensures that your weeds are treated at the beginning of the growing season to prevent their seeds from spreading.

The experts at Prestige Outdoor Services can leverage our knowledge of lawn care to spot invasive plants before they have a chance to grow. The ability to identify these different types of weeds means that your lawn won’t have any spots where unsightly and unwanted plants might grow.

How We Keep Your Lawn Weed Free with Our Weed Control Services

When you hire Prestige Outdoor Services for your weed control services, we treat weeds on your lawn with a combination of three powerful proprietary products. Additionally, we will tackle the cracks in your walkways and driveway to ensure that no weeds are attempting to grow through and potentially damage the concrete or stone material.

Prestige Outdoor Services efficient process gets to the root of your weed problem to prevent weeds from overrunning large areas of your yard.

Contact the Experts at Prestige Outdoor Services to Find Out More About Our Weed Control Applications

Protect your lawn from dandelions, thistle, and other environmental invaders with our regular weed control services. Our weed control applications aim to be eco-friendly by not blanket spraying and only treating areas where weeds have already sprung. Talk to a team member at (403) 250-8464 to schedule a service for your home in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, or a neighboring city in Alberta.