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A home lit with holiday lighting in Chestermere, Alberta.

Holiday Lighting Serving the Greater Calgary, AB area

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Professional holiday lighting services for properties in and around Calgary, Airdrie, and Chestermere, AB.

We can install the lights you already own or we can provide a new custom lighting design just for you!

A home decorated with holiday lighting in Calgary, Alberta.

Adding holiday lighting to your home or business will give your property a festive vibe and a cheerful atmosphere. Once the sun sets, the lights are uniquely beautiful and even offer security benefits. At Prestige Outdoor Services, we offer Christmas lighting services to residents in the Greater Calgary, AB area, including Airdrie, Chestermere, Okotoks, and other local communities every holiday season.

Hiring a professional team like ours to decorate your home or business for the holiday season will save you time and headache! Why be out there in the cold when we can do it for you? We can install decorations you currently own or design a custom lighting solution just for you. Either way, you can be confident our experienced team will expertly install beautiful holiday lighting to get your home or business ready for the Christmas season.

Installing Customer-Owned Holiday Lights

Some property owners prefer to purchase their own holiday lighting to create a specific aesthetic or design for their home or building. However, putting the lights up and taking them down is a time-consuming chore. Instead of spending your holiday season putting up decorations in the cold, let us handle it.

Our team will gladly install customer-owned holiday lights; we will hang your decor up according to your specifications. After the holiday season is over, our team will promptly remove the lights, neatly package them, and leave them in your care until the next time you need our services.

Purchasing New Christmas Lights

Whether you need to buy a new Christmas light arrangement or switch up the design for your building, we’re happy to help. We not only install customer-owned lighting, but we also sell premium holiday lights. Our experienced team will help you select the right items to fit your desired seasonal theme.

We understand that finding the best exterior lighting can be a hassle. It’s not easy to determine how many lights are necessary once you consider the size and shape of your home or building and the surface area you want to cover. That’s why our team will custom cut the lights you purchase from our company to fit your property perfectly.

Our holiday lighting services include taking down your lights at the end of the season and storing the decorations on your behalf.

Leave the holiday decorating to us, the professionals!

A home decorated with blue holiday lighting in Airdrie, AB.

Despite the benefits that come with installing holiday lighting such as putting each passerby in a festive mood while highlighting your best landscaping features, it’s not a task you should tackle on your own. Depending on the location of the decorations, you may put yourself in danger.

Here are several other reasons to leave holiday lighting installation up to a professional company like ours:

  • Higher Quality Lights and Installation: When you choose professional installation services from our team, we take care of everything from design layout to hiding cords. We also use the best commercial-grade lights available to reduce energy consumption while maximizing illumination.
  • Custom Designs: Our team has been installing holiday lighting throughout the Greater Calgary area for over 35 years. We can expertly create a stunning display that matches your property's style.
  • Convenience: With our holiday lighting service, you can stay safe and warm indoors while we handle the installation, take-down, and storage.

Reach Out to Our Team Today to Learn More About Holiday Lighting in Greater Calgary!

When you are ready to install a stunning holiday lighting display on the outside of your home or business, contact our team. Since 1985, we have provided exceptional holiday lighting and exterior services to clients located in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, AB and surrounding communities. Call us today at (403) 250-8464 to receive a quote for holiday lighting services at your home!