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Lawn Care & Irrigation Services

Your grass in Southwest Calgary will receive much-needed nourishment and hydration from our pros.

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Prestige Outdoor Services Lawn Care & Irrigation Since 1985 Call 403.250.8464
Prestige Outdoor Services Lawn Care & Irrigation Since 1985 Call 403.250.8464

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We provide lawn care and irrigation services to commercial and residential properties in Southwest Calgary.

Our experts have the skills and knowledge to ensure your grass stays healthy and hydrated.

If you want to live in an energetic and bustling city and come home to a beautiful home in a friendly community, Southwest Calgary is the place to be. This district in Alberta, Canada is home to beautiful neighbourhoods with lots of green lawns and open spaces. If you would like to explore the rich history of the Canadian West, the Heritage Park Historical Village is a good place to visit. This isn’t your ordinary museum, as it features steam train rides and you can even sail on a paddlewheel boat.

Our team at Prestige Outdoor Services serves homeowners and business owners in Southwest Calgary by keeping their lawns healthy and green. You can rely on our lawn care services to look after the health of your turf to ensure it has everything it needs to thrive. We also provide comprehensive irrigation services to ensure your irrigation system is in tip-top shape to water your grass and plants. What’s more, we offer some additional services including snow removal, holiday lighting, and window cleaning.

Our Lawn Care Services Promote Stronger Roots & More Vibrant Grass

Your grass needs essential nutrients to grow healthy and strong. At Prestige Outdoor Services, we offer fertilization treatments to ensure your grass has all of the nutrients that it needs to flourish. You also need to ensure no pesky weeds will compete with your lawn for these nutrients. We can take care of that for you with our weed control service.

Aeration and overseeding are lawn care services you should never overlook. When we aerate your lawn in Southwest Calgary, our crew will poke tiny holes in the soil to reduce soil compaction and allow the roots to access vital resources. This service helps promote stronger and deeper roots, so your turf becomes more resilient to diseases and stressful conditions. Meanwhile, overseeding will fill in any bare or patchy areas of your grass, so that your lawn will be dense and lush.

Bring out the best in your landscape with our maintenance services.

Upgrading your property in Southwest Calgary doesn’t always require installing additional features. You can still bring out the best in your lawn and landscape by maintaining their clean and pristine aesthetics. You can start with regular lawn mowing and maintenance to manage the growth of your grass and keep it looking neat and manicured.

Spring cleanups involve removing accumulated debris from the winter months, mowing your grass, and more. This service tackles not only the aesthetics of your yard but also gives your lawn a boost to enter the growing season in great shape. Scheduling fall cleanups will prepare your lawn for the winter as it involves removing fallen leaves that might smother your grass and prevent it from absorbing the nutrients it needs before winter dormancy.

Our additional services include snow removal and holiday lighting.

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We also provide holiday lighting services to brighten up your home or business for the festive and merry season. The winter months in Southwest Calgary can be challenging for property owners. Still, we’re here to help with our commercial and residential snow removal services so you can remain safe and cozy inside!

Ensure your irrigation system is watering your lawn efficiently with our irrigation services.

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Irrigation is crucial for your lawn’s health. At Prestige Outdoor Services, our irrigation technicians can help you set up an irrigation system that works for you and your lawn’s needs with our irrigation installation service. You can also count on our irrigation maintenance to ensure your irrigation system efficiently waters your lawn.

Before the winter season sets in, we recommend scheduling our irrigation winterization to protect your irrigation system from the freezing cold. We’ll make sure no water is left inside that can freeze, expand, and damage your irrigation system. Once spring rolls around, you can take advantage of our irrigation start-up service to get your system back up and running after the winter.

If you own a business in Southwest Calgary, your property needs an irrigation system that works flawlessly to keep your lawn and plants in great shape. Our commercial irrigation services involve installation, maintenance, and even upgrades to your existing irrigation system!

Call our experienced crew today to schedule our lawn care and irrigation services!

Our team at Prestige Outdoor Services is always glad to help commercial and residential property owners in Southwest Calgary transform their property. We offer lawn care and irrigation services that will ensure your turf is always in optimum health. Call our experienced crew today at (403) 800-0372 to schedule any of our services!


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