Spring is here in Calgary, AB, which means it’s time to prepare your lawn to start growing again. You can help your lawn kick off the growing season with three simple tasks to keep your grass healthy and vibrant. Start by removing any debris and leaves to keep pests and diseases away. You should also power rake your lawn to remove thatch to ensure your grass gets the resources and nutrients it needs. You'll also want to mow your lawn for the first time to give it a clean, manicured look at the start of the season. By following through with these three tasks, you can increase your property’s curb appeal and prepare your lawn for success this spring. Keep reading to learn more about these tasks and the benefits they offer!

1. Remove Debris & Leaves

Professional removal debris from lawn in Aspen Woods, AB.

One thing you can do to prepare your lawn for the growing season this spring is to remove any leaves and debris. This may seem like a simple task, but it provides so many benefits because debris and fallen leaves can negatively impact your turf’s health if they remain on your lawn. For one, insects love debris and leaves because it provides them with shelter from the wind and sun and they will use these areas to breed. Diseases are also prone to infect your grass when debris remains on your lawn because fungi and bacteria prefer cool, shady environments to develop and spread. So, to help prevent the spread of lawn diseases and insects, remove all the debris and leaves at the start of the growing season. Not only does this keep your grass healthy, but it also will improve your curb appeal!

2. Power Raking

Thatching machine in lawn in Chestermere, AB.

Another way to prepare your grass for the growing season is by removing thatch from your lawn. Thatch is a layer of dead grass and other organic materials sitting atop your soil. Over time, these materials will cluster together, and their effects can be harmful to your lawn. Thatch buildup will block nutrients and other resources from reaching your soil, which not only impacts its development but also encourages lawn disease to spread. Power raking, however, is the solution to this problem. Power raking is a process that uses a small machine to remove the thatch from your lawn. After the thatch is removed, your grass will be able to access the nutrients and resources it needs to thrive and fight off diseases!

3. First Mow of the Season

Prestige worker pushing lawn mower in lawn in South Calgary, AB.

Another task that carries a lot of importance is the first mow of the season. After your grass emerges from winter dormancy, you may notice a lot of dead grass at the top of the blades. This needs to be removed so your lawn can start growing and greening up. For the first mow, the deck height needs to be lowered to accommodate the fact that the dead grass needs to be cut off. After you cut your grass for the first time this season, you should be left with a nice, manicured lawn to admire.

Make sure you’re not cutting off more than 1/3 of your grass during the first mow of the season!

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