You've fertilized and watered your lawn in Alberta, yet it's still full of stubborn, patchy grass? Here's what you can do! The first on our checklist is to core aerate your lawn. Patchy lawns can mean the grass is not receiving the right amount of nutrients, but aerating your turf will ensure the channels for essential resources to reach your turf are open. Overseeding brings in thicker and healthier grass to fill in the bare patches on your turf.

Weed control is also effective at bringing back the lush growth of your lawn because it eliminates pesky weeds that weaken your turf. Learn more about what you can do to finally fix your patchy lawn!

Aerate your lawn so it can absorb water and nutrients.

Prestige employee aerating a lawn with machine in Okotoks, AB.

There's no doubt how fertilizing and proper watering can solve a lot of your lawn's issues. But, if despite every effort to nourish and support your turf's health, it remains stubbornly patchy, it's time to look into the soil as it might be compacted. If the soil on your lawn is compacted, it can prevent nutrients, water, air, and sunlight from reaching the roots of your lawn. Grass that grows in compacted soil can be patchy because not every part of your lawn receives the necessary nutrients that promote lush and thick growth.

If you're tired of seeing your lawn looking unhealthy and patchy, you need to aerate your turf. Core aeration will improve your lawn by alleviating soil compaction which will make it easier for nutrients to reach the roots of your grass.

You should aerate your lawn once per year to ensure that your soil never becomes too compacted.

Overseeding Will Help Fill in Patchy Areas

Overseeding is the process of spreading new grass seeds on your existing lawn to bring in new, healthy grass growth. While it primarily improves the appearance of your turf by filling in patchy areas, it does so much more than that. Overseeding promotes thicker and healthier grass that can fight weeds and resist diseases and infestations.

However, overseeding should be done the right way so you can get the best results. Before you overseed your lawn, we recommend having it aerated first to give the grass seeds a better chance to germinate. That's because the seeds can have trouble growing in compacted soil where they cannot access much-needed nutrients.

Don't let weeds steal the nutrients from your grass. Eliminate them with weed control!

Weed control being sprayed on a lawn by a professional in Aspen Woods, AB.

Weeds can be a major problem as they will not only bring down the appearance of your lawn, but they will also steal nutrients from your grass. To keep your grass healthy and lush, you'll need to keep weeds out of your lawn. There are two main methods to getting rid of weeds: pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control.

Pre-emergent weed control creates a barrier on your lawn that prevents weeds from sprouting through the soil. This method will eliminate weeds before you ever even see them. If weeds are already growing on your lawn, you can get rid of them through post-emergent treatments. These treatments involve spraying a herbicide directly on the weeds to eliminate them.

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