Looking for a way to make it easier to maintain a lawn? Investing in a quality irrigation system is always a wise choice. One of the ways to keep your lawn lush and healthy, not to mention your flowers and plants, colorful and vibrant, is proper watering.

One of the best benefits of an irrigation system is water conservation. Depending on the system used, you can save as much as 50% on your water consumption. Other benefits include the prevention of weed growth and plant diseases. Keep reading about the additional benefits that your property in Alberta will get with a professionally installed irrigation system.

Properly installed irrigation systems can help conserve water.

A well-designed irrigation system will make sure that no water is being wasted by spraying walkways, driveways, or other areas that should not be watered. We strategically layout the different watering zones and irrigation head placement based on the layout of your property and landscape. This ensures that all the areas of your lawn and landscape receive adequate water without being overwatered.

Irrigation system timers help to ensure that your lawn and landscape are watered at regular intervals for the right duration.

Irrigation system watering a lawn in Calgary, AB.

The timer on your irrigation system allows you to control your watering schedule. Your watering schedule will often need to be adjusted based on the season, weather, or water restrictions in your area. Different zones throughout your lawn and landscape may require a different amount of water requiring longer run times for that zone. When watering your lawn timing is everything, we recommend watering your lawn early in the morning this helps decrease water evaporation. Watering your lawn midday results in rapid evaporation. If you water your lawn in the evening water can cling to your grass blade and soak your lawn for long periods of time. This can lead to lawn disease and fungus.

If different parts of your lawn and landscape requires different amounts of water, a timer for your irrigation system is the answer to ensure proper irrigation.

There are many benefits to installing a drip irrigation system as well.

Drip irrigation is a type of irrigation system that is usually used in nurseries and farms, but it is gaining popularity among homeowners too. It is an efficient way of watering by slowly dripping water in the root zone through tubes, pipes, and emitters placed underground.

A drip irrigation system uses less water than other techniques by keeping the roots moist but not soaked. This type of irrigation system is a low-volume and low-pressure this saves in the amount of water used.

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