The summer can take a toll on your grass and plants, and they'll need extra care and attention to survive the warmer weather. Having a working irrigation system is integral to keeping your plants hydrated during the summer in Alberta, and now is the time to check if your system needs any repairs and to see if it's functioning properly. You don’t want to wait until the middle of the summer to schedule irrigation maintenance. It’s best to be proactive and schedule it before the summer even arrives. Your system needs to be inspected to ensure it’s operating efficiently, and that the zones on your property are receiving the appropriate amount of water. If a professional notices that any part of your system needs to be repaired, it can be done ahead of the summer season. Continue reading to find out more about the benefits of scheduling irrigation maintenance before the summer arrives!

Irrigation maintenance will ensure your system is operating efficiently.

Tech checking irrigation system is working fine in Signal Hill, AB.

When you schedule irrigation maintenance ahead of summer, it allows you to see if your irrigation system is operating efficiently to ensure it is keeping your plants properly hydrated. Professionals can make sure your system is running how it should so that your plants will receive the appropriate amount of water. By addressing any sort of issues ahead of time, you’ll keep your plants properly hydrated over the summer, meaning you don’t have to worry about them drying out.

Regular Irrigation maintenance can save you money on your water bill by making sure your water isn’t being wasted because of leaks!

Irrigation maintenance will ensure all the zones on your property are receiving the right amount of water.

Another reason to schedule irrigation maintenance is to ensure every area on your property is receiving the right amount of hydration. Sometimes specific zones on your property aren’t receiving enough or any water at all. A professional will come to your property and inspect your entire system. They’ll then be able to identify any problem areas or “blind spots” and adjust the settings of your irrigation system. You want your entire property to be covered so that your grass and plants will receive the right amount of water to thrive in the summer.

If your irrigation system needs any repairs, you can schedule them before the summer begins.

Tech repairing irrigation system in Calgary, AB.

A benefit of scheduling irrigation maintenance before the summer starts is that a professional can catch any problems ahead of time. This way, you’re not left scrambling to fix everything in the middle of the summer and leaving your grass and plants to dry out while you wait for repairs. It’s better to be proactive and schedule any repairs in the spring season when the temperatures are cooler—when plants and grass don’t need to be watered as much as they need to be in the summer. This will ensure any issues with your irrigation system are corrected and your system will be ready to go when summer rolls around.

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A functioning irrigation system makes it easier to care for your lawn and plants in the summer. It’ll keep them properly hydrated so they can survive in the hotter weather. At Prestige Outdoor Services, our team of experts can inspect your irrigation system and make any repairs to it before the summer even begins. That way, there's no gap in your watering schedule when your plants and grass need it most! We service commercial, HOA, and residential properties in Calgary, AB, and surrounding cities like Airdrie and Chestermere. Call us at (403) 250-8464 to schedule our irrigation maintenance service to keep your irrigation system in top condition!