We know that our lawns in Alberta benefit from fertilizer, but what's actually in it that nourishes your lawn? Fertilizers will contain a percentage combination of three main elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These correlate respectively to the numbers you'll see on the bag, so for example, 20-5-10 would be 20% nitrogen, 5% phosphorus, and 10% potassium. Each element brings with it specific benefits to your grass, with nitrogen encouraging growth and the deep green hue we love to see. Phosphorus will stimulate root and seedling development, and potassium bolsters your lawn against disease and drought. Common signs of nutrient-deficient lawns are yellowing leaves and blades, a tendency for disease, and slowed growth. Each lawn needs a different combination of these elements throughout the year, so the best option is to consult a professional to see what will work best for your lawn!

Nitrogen Boosts Growth & Nurtures a Deep Green Hue

Fertilizer graphic portraying nitrogen phosphorous and potassium near De Winton, AB.

The first number in the fertilizer ratio, nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients to add to your lawn because it'll nurture the deep green hue we all want to see. However, its benefits go beyond just appearances. Common signs of nitrogen deficiency are grass blades that have turned yellow with slow growth and low density in the lawn. Nitrogen helps grasses grow by synthesizing proteins, which is particularly helpful for established lawns that need a boost. It also will increase leaf development to encourage your lawn to become denser, filling in space that could otherwise fall victim to greedy weeds.

Nitrogen is usually the highest-percentage element in fertilizer.

Phosphorus Stimulates Early Root & Seedling Development

Phosphorus fertilizer component near Chestermere, AB.

The second number in the ratio you'll see on fertilizer is phosphorus. It stimulates early root and seedling development, making it a prime candidate in starter fertilizers applied to newly seeded lawns. It helps promote plant maturity and aids in seed development as well, giving the grass a pick-me-up. In a phosphorus-deficient lawn, you'll start to see yellowing leaves with brown edges and slowed growth. With the strong root and stem growth encouraged by phosphorus, your grass will be bolstered and ready to flourish!

Potassium Strengthens Your Lawn Against Disease & Drought

Potassium fertilizer component near Okotoks, AB.

The third and final number in the fertilizer ratio, you may think potassium is less important or beneficial than the other two elements, but that isn't the case. Potassium strengthens your lawn against disease and drought by promoting root development and helping your grass build thicker cell walls to defend with. It also promotes improved water and nutrient uptake, so your grass will thank you! A lawn lacking in potassium will struggle with excessive weeds, yellowing edges of grass blades, and a tendency for disease and leaf burn. Avoid those risks by fertilizing your lawn regularly!

According to the University of Florida IFAS Extension, using a slow-release fertilizer minimizes the risk of leaf burning, water contamination, and eutrophication.

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