When it comes to your irrigation system, the biggest mistake you can make is failing to winterize it. This is especially true in Calgary, AB where we're assured freezing temperatures every year. Should the freezing temperatures happen to get the best of your irrigation system, you could be in for quite a ride. Fortunately, there is something you can do to prevent major issues - winterize your irrigation system.

Winterization is your irrigation system’s first line of defense against freezing temperatures and it can prevent your pipes from bursting over the winter. What's more, it will not only save you money by preventing major issues come springtime, but it will also give an opportunity to have professional oversight on each component of your system to ensure everything is working correctly.

Winterizing your irrigation system can prevent your pipes from bursting.

Sprinkler pipe broken near Aspen Woods, AB.

Winter temperatures in Alberta average in the low teens and can get even lower. These freezing temperatures increase the odds of pipes in your irrigation system bursting under the pressure of ice expanding and pushing back against the pipe walls.

Of course, you can do something to ensure your irrigation system doesn't experience damage when it freezes. You can winterize your system. Winterizing your irrigation system will protect the pipes and keep them from bursting. The process involves turning off the water supply to your system, blowing out the lines, and turning the controller off.

Irrigation system winterization can save you BIG in the long run.

While saving a little now by skipping out on winterization might seem worthwhile, it's a decision you could end up regretting later. Many who forego winterization are surprised to get a repair bill for thousands of dollars more than it might have taken to winterize the irrigation system in the first place. One reason these repairs can get so costly has to do with the makeup of irrigation systems.

At the heart of most irrigation systems, there's a device called a manifold or regulator. This component is sensitive to freezing temperatures and replacing or repairing a regulator happens to be highly labour-intensive. That's why it's better to avoid system damage with a winterization service.

Professionals are trained to spot any irrigation issues.

Technician preparing to winterize irrigation system near Springbank Hill, AB.

Winterizing with a professional company comes with the added benefit of getting a trained set of eyes on your irrigation system. Suppose the technician notices any irrigation system issues or sees anything that looks out of the ordinary. In that case, they can address them by correcting the issue on the spot or scheduling a follow-up visit based on severity. Given the complexity of most irrigation systems, many problems commonly come up. These issues include:

  • Small fissures or cracks in your pipes
  • Sprinkler head malfunctions
  • Issues pertaining to water pressure

Most technicians are trained to prioritize any item that could worsen winter damage to your irrigation system. This means you don't have to worry about unforeseen issues affecting your irrigation system.

In addition to winterizing your irrigation system, some pros like us offer a start-up service to ensure your irrigation system is ready for spring.

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