Winter brings beautiful layers of soft white snow. Too bad it covers the sidewalk and driveway leading to extra work around the house. Take the time now to limit fines and save your landscape for spring.

  1. Clear the snow before heavy foot traffic compacts it down. Compacted snow eventually turns into slippery ice.
  2. Limit the use of ice melt on your property. Although it helps to reduce ice and compacted snow it comes at a cost. Ice melt has salt like components that get onto the lawn and hinders growth in the spring. Chemicals in the ice melt also break down concrete and results in early repairs.
  3. If your property has a glazed concrete finish, don’t usemetal edge snow shovels or snow blowers. The sharp edges of the equipment scratch and destroy the finish.
  4. Think ahead… Repeated snow fall means snow accumulation. Take the time in the early days of the snow season to push snow into areas that can hold lots of snow. If you only push it out of the way you could end up with a mountain sized problem.
  5. On snow events that last multiple days, get out each day to clear some snow. It reduces the total work required and gives you a heads up to ice under the snow that needs to be dealt with right away.

The City of Calgary requires that you clear the snow from sidewalks and driveways within 24 hours of a completed snow fall. Failing to do so will result in fines. You can check out the City’s website for more information. We do weekly and monthly snow removal. So if your too busy, going on holidays, too tired and sore, or just don’t like the cold. Get a quote, you will appreciated your freedom.