Fall represents a significant transition period for your lawn, as summer has likely already taken a toll on it. And here comes winter just around the corner. Although wintertime in Calgary is known for being harsh on lawns, there are steps you can take to prepare for it.

Taking advantage of fall cleanups, fertilization treatments, and aeration and overseeding services, represent the best way to prep your lawn for winter and beyond! Not only does this prep work help your lawn in the winter but it will also help your lawn rebound in the spring. It's just a matter of handling it now so that your lawn is well-poised for the time ahead.

Schedule Fall Cleanups before the Arrival of Winter

Fall cleanup with bagged leaves and rake in Airdrie, AB.

One of the biggest obstacles to keeping your lawn healthy in the winter is autumn leaves. Massive fallen leaf cover often leads to lawn disease, smothered grass, and reduced access to sunlight and nutrients for your grass. In addition to the leaves, fall also brings seasonal debris.

When you call a company to perform a fall cleanup on your property, they will perform a variety of services including leaf removal, debris removal, lawn mowing, and more. All of those services will help prepare your lawn for the winter.

Prep Your Lawn for Winter with a Fall Fertilizer Treatment

Since lawns go dormant in winter, they should already have nutrients on hand when winter arrives. If your grass lacks sufficient food reserves, it may struggle during the winter season. This could cause your lawn to get off to a slow start in the spring.

Given the demands of Calgary winters, it's essential to schedule a fall fertilizer treatment so your lawn will have enough nutrients to last it throughout its winter dormancy. This service will not only provide your lawn with the nutrients it will need to last through the winter but will also help it to recover from its dormancy phase come spring.

Some professionals use slow-release fertilizer in the fall. It's easier for your soil to absorb, safer on the planet, and also happens to be cost-effective.

Make Aeration & Overseeding Part of Your Fall Routine

Throughout the summer and fall months, your lawn has probably become compacted due to foot traffic, lawnmowers, and rain. When your soil becomes compacted, it makes it harder for your root system to receive sunlight, vital nutrients, and water. But your lawn needs an abundance of these resources going into winter, as without them, your root system could languish.

You can address soil compaction by having a professional aerate your lawn. The core aerator loosens your soil by pulling up cores of soil as the professional guides it across your lawn. This loosened soil makes it easier for sunlight, water, and other nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. In addition to improving nutrient uptake, aeration also helps your soil better absorb fertilizer and aids the overseeding process. Overseeding or spreading grass seeds onto your existing grass will help to thicken your lawn through the winter and it can fill in any bare or patchy areas of your turf.

Don't let this winter catch you off guard. Prep your lawn now, call us today!

Everyone wants a beautiful and healthy lawn year-round. However, winter in Calgary is tough on lawns. As a result, many people struggle with lawn care during this time of the year. The good news is we can help prep your lawn now so your grass can withstand those wintertime temperatures and recover from dormancy in the spring.

Our dedicated and trained professionals have been helping property owners just like you prep for the winter for 35+ years. We offer a fall cleanup service and slow-release fertilizer treatments, along with aeration and overseeding. If you're in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, or nearby in Alberta, we can help. Call us today at (403) 250-8464 for a quote.