A patchy, thin lawn is disappointing, but it's a reality some property owners in Alberta face. Different stressors, including weather, weeds, and insects can all contribute to the state of your lawn. If you're looking to turn your turf around, an overseeding service can help you achieve your goals! When professionals overseed a lawn, they use a machine to evenly spread seeds across your turf. After the service is complete, the seeds germinate and sprout new blades of glass to fill in the bare areas on your lawn, thickening it. Besides looking fantastic, a thick lawn can also lead to several other benefits! For one, your lawn will have an easier time fending off environmental stressors and other irritants, like lawn disease and weeds! Keep reading to learn more about the health and aesthetic benefits associated with overseeding your lawn!

Overseeding can help fill in any bare or patchy spots on your lawn.

Patchy lawn filled with seeds in Aspen Woods, AB.

No one enjoys looking at a patchy or bare lawn. So, if your turf has the misfortune of going through this, an overseeding service may help you fix the problem. Overseeding is the process through which professionals spread seeds across your lawn. As they do this, the seeds can germinate and sprout new blades of grass, filling in the once-bare spots.

This can especially help lawns that previously suffered through a lawn insect infestation, lawn disease, or any other condition that caused patchiness. By overseeding, you can enhance your property's curb appeal and grow the beautiful green turf you want.

It is best to schedule aeration before an overseeding service. Aeration creates holes in the soil, which allows for better seed-to-soil contact.

Overseeding can increase your lawn's immunity against stressors.

Healthy grass lawn in Signal Hill, AB.

After new seeds are planted across your lawn, those patchy and bare spots will begin to fill in with strong grass blades. Not only is this visually appealing, but it's also a great way to boost your lawn's health! A thick, lush lawn can stand stronger against lawn diseases, insects, weeds, and other potential stressors better than thin, sparse grass can.

Some companies go the extra mile and use a blend of various seeds during overseeding to provide an immunity boost! By expanding the grass types in your lawn, you can decrease the chance that your whole turf will be affected by one issue. This can help you achieve the beautiful, lush lawn you want!

Overseeding can help prepare your lawn for the winter season.

You can help equip your turf to survive cooler temperatures by scheduling an overseeding service. As the seeds from the service sprout grass, your turf develops into a lush, thick lawn. Because winter in Alberta can bring snow and extremely cold temperatures, it's important to take these measures to prepare your lawn! While we can bundle up, our lawns have to sit through the frigid weather outside. Fortunately, a lush, overseeded lawn can better support itself through different irritants, including snow-filled, white days!

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If your lawn is looking dull and patchy, you should schedule an overseeding service to increase its visual appeal and health! During an overseeding service, our lawn care professionals will scatter seeds throughout your lawn to help fill in those bare spots. Our team at Prestige Outdoor Services offers this lawn care service almost year-round so that you can start growing the green, lush turf you want at any time! However, we highly recommend scheduling our overseeding service in the fall to help prepare your grass for winter. Call us at (403) 250-8464 to schedule our overseeding service. We service Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, and other nearby areas in Alberta.