Picture this: you have your dream lawn, full of lush green grass that's the epitome of health. But alas, you begin spotting mushroom heads, and your lawn is turning brown - where did everything go wrong? Unfortunately, these problems result from the increasingly hot and humid weather here in Alberta. These conditions are ideal for mushrooms, and the heat can dry out your lawn - but there's hope yet! Aeration is just what you need to loosen compacted soil and give the roots of your grass better access to air and water, which will help it grow green grass again; it'll also remedy the unsightly mushrooms! You should schedule aeration right now, as fall is the best time to strengthen your lawn again before the winter.

Heat & Humidity Are Causing Your Lawn to Turn Brown & Grow Mushrooms

Mushrooms growing in bad lawn due to humidity and moisture in Calgary, AB.

While it may be hard to believe, the weather can significantly impact the state of your lawn. We usually only have a day or two of 80-degree weather in our area, though lately, it's been weeks of heat and humidity. These changes in weather conditions are what's causing your lawn to turn brown and grow mushrooms. The grass here isn't accustomed to the heat, causing it to dry out and turn brown. Meanwhile, the humidity and moisture in the air provide ideal conditions for mushrooms to thrive.

You can help your lawn with aeration.

Professional from Prestige aerating a lawn in Okotoks, AB.

Core aeration is the process of pulling "cores" of soil from your turf, leaving tiny holes in your lawn. These holes create passageways that give the roots of your grass better access to essential resources, including water and air. Aeration is crucial to helping your lawn and remedying browning grass and mushrooms, as it loosens compacted soil that otherwise inhibits its ability to absorb these precious resources. However, that's not all! Aeration will also help to break up any thatch on your lawn, which can become so thick that it prevents water and air from reaching the roots of your grass.

Most lawns in Alberta have clay-based soil, which is more prone to compaction over time.

You Should Schedule Aeration Immediately to Strengthen Your Lawn Before Winter

While aeration benefits your turf, you should only perform it when it's strong enough to handle the process. Because of this, you should schedule aeration immediately; the grass in our area thrives in cooler weather, which makes the fall an ideal time to aerate your lawn. Doing so now will also strengthen your lawn before the winter, which is imperative to help it survive the duration of the winter season.

You should schedule aeration at least once a year, though twice is better to provide your lawn with consistent access to resources like air and water.

Is your lawn turning brown and growing mushrooms? Call us to sign up for our aeration service!

If your lawn is turning brown and growing mushrooms, then we're the ones to call! At Prestige Outdoor Services, we've been providing our core aeration service to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in and around Calgary, Airdrie, and Chestermere, AB since 1985. Our years of expertise and trained experts give us everything we need to perform exceptional services that remedy browning grass and unsightly mushrooms so you can get your dream lawn back! We can aerate your lawn this fall and even in the spring to give it the jumpstart it needs for the new year. Call us today at (403) 250-8464 to sign up for our aeration service. We look forward to working with you and giving your lawn everything it needs to combat the hot and humid weather!