When hammering out a mowing schedule, it can seem confusing to figure out how often you need to be out on the lawn. You don't want to stress the grass, but you don't want to neglect it, either! The simple answer is that it depends on the time of year and whether or not you have an irrigation system. For our area in Calgary, during spring and fall, you'll generally want to be mowing weekly as your grass is growing at a rapid pace and you don't want it to become overgrown. Over summer, your lawn will be growing much more slowly, so you can usually slow down too. If you have an irrigation system, you'll need to pencil in weekly mowing no matter the time of year! Regularly mowing your lawn will help it look great and also encourages good health, so make sure you're creating a schedule that works for both you and your lawn.

How often should my lawn be mowed during spring and fall?

A freshly mowed backyard in Langdon, AB.

With the cool-season grass we have in our area of Calgary, our lawns will be thriving in the cool temperatures of spring and fall. Your grass will be growing rapidly, which is great – but it also means you'll need to mow more frequently. During spring and fall, it's recommended that you mow weekly to keep your lawn at a reasonable height and prevent it from becoming overgrown. On top of not looking tidy, overgrown grass can provide the perfect shelter for pests to house themselves in! Keeping it well mowed during the heavy growing seasons of spring and fall will ensure that your lawn remains healthy and happy throughout the year.

How often should my lawn be mowed during summer?

While our lawns enjoy the cooler temperatures, conversely, they don't love the heat. During summer in Calgary, our grass will still grow, but much more slowly. This means you can adjust your mowing schedule as well! To determine how much, check how much the grass is growing over a week. If it's growing about one-third of an inch or so, you'll still want to mow weekly to follow the one-third rule of never cutting more than one-third of the top of the grass blades off. If you're fertilizing your lawn and irrigating, you'll likely still need to mow weekly over summer. However, if your grass is growing less than one-third of an inch, you can slow down your mowing frequency, perhaps to biweekly!

Irrigation will make your lawn grow faster, resulting in more frequent mowing.

One of the most important factors in your lawn's growth is a good watering schedule. If you have an irrigation system, more than likely you'll need to mow weekly throughout spring, summer, and fall because your grass will be less affected by the summer heat with the proper hydration. While it may mean more mowing sessions are required, irrigating your lawn will pay you back tenfold in lush, healthy lawn growth that makes your lawn stand out.

Properly calibrated irrigation systems will not only provide the correct hydration to your lawn, but also reduce water waste!

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