Fertilizer and weed control are the one-two punch your lawn needs to have optimal health year-round. Using fertilizer without weed control will supply your lawn with nutrients but with weeds present, your lawn won't be getting the bulk of those nutrients. With weed control but no fertilizer, your lawn will be weed-free, but your grass may still struggle to survive the summer heat and other seasonal challenges the year brings in Alberta. Fertilization and weed control treatments will work in tandem to produce your dream lawn, covering all the bases to ensure your lawn has the resources it needs to thrive with no competition to become stronger. A stronger lawn will not only be more lush and green, but also more resilient to diseases and insect infestations!

Weeds will steal the nutrients fertilizer provides if no weed control is administered.

A dandelion sprouting in a drying brown lawn in Aspen Woods, AB.

While fertilizer is beneficial in helping your grass thrive, if it's not paired with weed control, you're going to be helping the weeds in your lawn as well. Nutrient absorption is certainly not exclusive to grass, and weeds are experts at quickly stealing nutrients that would otherwise nourish your lawn. Grass usually draws the short end of the stick in this resource competition, and that means that even after applying fertilizer, you may not see the results you want unless you pair it with a weed control treatment. When fertilizer and weed control are administered as a pair, it'll ensure that your grass is getting the bulk of the nutrients that fertilizer provides.

Lawns benefit from weed control, but without fertilizer, can still struggle.

Having a weed-free lawn is ideal in any scenario, but without giving your lawn fertilizer, your grass may not have the resources it needs to thrive and instead may struggle. With the many challenges lawns face throughout the year, not the least of which is the summer heat, your lawn will need the extra benefit it gets from fertilizer to have a leg up and survive. Although the grass is void of nutrient thieves with weed control, adding fertilizer will enable your lawn to put that advantage to good use and soak up the nutrients, encouraging healthy growth!

Fertilization and weed control work in tandem to help your lawn thrive.

Granular fertilizer pellets in lawn in Chestermere, AB.

When both fertilizer and weed control treatments are applied to a lawn, you'll start to see the results you've always dreamed of. These treatments will work in tandem to produce your dream lawn! With weed control treatments and the essential nutrients in fertilizer all supplied to your lawn in the right amounts and at the right times, your lawn will have every tool it needs to thrive uninhibited by resource-stealing weeds. A strengthened lawn is more resilient to threats to its health like diseases and insect infestations too, so this will set your lawn on a cycle of success and health.

Fertilizer contains three main components that your lawn needs for optimal growth: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

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