Aeration and overseeding services often go hand in hand. While it's true that you can aerate your lawn without overseeding, we highly suggest that you always pair them. Overseeding after aeration becomes more effective because the holes left in the soil allow the seeds to establish deeper into the soil for better germination. When you overseed once the soil is loose, nutrients and other key resources can easily penetrate the ground to nourish the grass seeds.

These two also do an amazing job at improving your lawn's appearance. Aeration improves your existing turf's health and encourages greener grass. On the other hand, overseeding will tackle the bare spots on your lawn and bring in new growth, so your yard looks fuller and healthier. Learn more about why you should always pair overseeding with aeration.

Aeration leaves tiny holes in the soil that the seeds fall into.

Aeration holes created by machine in Glenbrook, AB.

The process of aeration involves pulling soil plugs from the ground to loosen it up and reduce compaction. Primarily, it improves the channels for nutrients to enter the soil. However, the aeration process also boosts overseeding as it leaves tiny holes where seeds can fall into and grow. These holes protect the new grass seeds from being blown away by wind or baked under the sun, which in turn leads to a higher germination rate.

Additionally, aerating before overseeding improves seed to soil contact, which is essential in encouraging the healthier growth of the newly spread seeds. Good seed to soil contact means the ground provides enough coverage and moisture to help the seeds grow. The holes in the soil from aeration can go down 3 inches into the soil. With a deep enough place to settle and grow, the seeds can develop deeper roots which they need to remain strong and resilient from stressful conditions like drought, diseases, and insect infestations.

The seedlings have better access to essential resources if you aerate before you overseed.

When overseeding, you need to ensure the seeds have everything they need to grow strong and vibrant. If the soil is too compacted, nutrients and other vital resources will have a hard time penetrating the ground and nourishing the new seeds. Seedlings in compacted soil have a tough time germinating simply because they won't be receiving sufficient amounts of nutrients.

If you pair overseeding with aeration, you ensure the seedlings have better and easier access to essential resources like water, air, nutrients, and sunlight. This means your grass seeds will have no trouble absorbing key nutrients that improve their health and vigor.

We recommend scheduling aeration and overseeding every year to get favorable results consistently.

Aeration and overseeding work together to thicken and strengthen your grass.

A lawn with overseeding being done by professionals in Aspen Woods, AB.

If your goal is to improve your lawn's appearance, then you're on the right track when you schedule aeration and overseeding together. The purpose of overseeding is to bring in new, healthy growth that will fill in bare patches on your turf. When done right, your lawn will look fuller and greener. The key to doing it right is to schedule aeration before overseeding. Aeration enhances the beauty of your turf by:

  • Improving nutrient uptake
  • Encouraging a better flow of nutrients, water, air, and sunlight
  • Promoting deeper roots with outstanding resilience to diseases and infestations

When you pair aeration and overseeding, your turf will look more vibrant than ever before! That's because aeration will not only nourish the new grass seeds but also improve the health and appearance of your already existing grass.

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