Irrigation systems are key to maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn here in Alberta! These systems can help your lawn flourish by providing a constant source of water. However, when deciding on an irrigation system, it's likely you'll come across two options: a sprinkler system and a drip irrigation system. If you're like most people, you might wonder which system is better. Here's your answer — both systems are amazing! A sprinkler system works by covering a wide area, and a drip irrigation system works — as the name implies — by slowly dripping water to the roots of your plants and grass. You'll simply need to pick the system that best suits your preferences and needs. Continue reading to learn more about these two types of irrigation systems.

A sprinkler irrigation system covers a wide area to water your whole lawn.

Sprinkler irrigation system watering a lawn in Aspen Woods, AB.

When most people think of irrigation systems, they envision small heads popping out of the ground to shoot water across a property's lawn. This is what's known as a sprinkler system! These systems work by being both discreet and efficient. For one, the sprinklers are strategically placed throughout your lawn to keep the entire area watered, so the water covers a lot of ground.

The heads are also most apparent when it is time to water your lawn. At any other time, the sprinklers blend in and don't draw attention. This means your lawn and plants can continue to look green and beautiful without any obvious visual disturbances.

Some companies can install sprinkler systems that use wifi, so property owners can remotely turn the system on or off.

Drip irrigation systems deliver water directly to the roots of your grass and plants.

A drip line in lawn in Aspen Woods, AB.

Sprinklers aren't the only mechanism used to keep a lawn hydrated! Drip systems are another great type of irrigation system. These types of irrigation systems consist of tubing that is placed in your lawn and they will slowly deliver or "drip" water directly to the roots of your grass and plants.

Drip irrigation is beneficial to some properties because it minimizes water waste. It's a great option for property owners looking to decrease their water usage while still keeping their lawns hydrated.

Pick an irrigation system that fits your property's needs and your preferences!

One question might be pestering you now: which system is better? In reality, there is no better system. Both of these irrigation systems work fantastically! To choose the right system for you, you need to consider your needs and preferences. For example, if your property is large, a sprinkler system might benefit you because it can provide more water at once.

However, if you have a sloped property or want to minimize your water waste, you might prefer a drip irrigation system. To reiterate, the most important thing to keep in mind when deciding on an irrigation system is your property and your needs!

In Alberta, all irrigation systems need an irrigation winterization service before winter so the freezing temperatures don't damage them.

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When different options are put on the table, important decisions suddenly become a thousand times harder. We understand that deciding on an irrigation system can seem like a life-changing choice. After all, irrigation systems are famous for leading to lush, green turfs! However, at Prestige Outdoor Services, we can install both drip irrigation systems and sprinkler irrigation systems, and we can help you decide which option is right for your property. Call us today at (403) 250-8464 to schedule our irrigation installation service! We offer our irrigation installation service in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, and nearby areas in Alberta.