Spring is here in Alberta, and it’s time to start looking at ways to help your grass thrive this season. There’s no better way to do that than with a spring fertilization treatment. Fertilizing your lawn this spring brings several benefits with it, which is why it shouldn’t be skipped. For starters, the nutrients from the fertilizer will help your grass green up after spending the last few months lying dormant during the winter. It’ll also assist your lawn's recovery if your grass sustained any damage over the winter. Finally, by fertilizing your lawn, you can prepare your grass to tackle the hot summer months ahead. For these reasons, you don’t want to miss out on fertilizing your lawn this spring. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of a spring fertilization treatment!

A spring fertilization treatment will help your lawn green up after winter dormancy.

During winter, your grass will turn brown as it falls into winter dormancy. It goes dormant so that it can survive the freezing weather. When spring begins, you’ll notice that your grass will still be brown even though the weather has warmed up, but that’s okay. What this means is that you need to help restore your grass to its vibrant green color, and the best way to do that is to administer a spring fertilization treatment. The nutrients found in fertilizer, specifically nitrogen, will help your grass green up after a long winter dormancy. By providing your lawn with this essential nutrient, you can foster a healthy and green lawn this spring!

A spring fertilization treatment will help your lawn recover from any winter damage.

Our lawn care professional dropping fertilizer on a lawn in Altadore, AB.

It's no secret that the winter is a challenging time for your lawn. Not only do the freezing temperatures force your grass to go dormant, but it also has the potential to injure your lawn. Things like snow mold and winter desiccation can do extensive damage to your lawn during the winter. When spring arrives, you need to devise a recovery plan for your grass so it can be strong and healthy again. Well, the essential nutrients found in fertilizer are just what your lawn needs to recover. They can help strengthen the roots of your grass so that your grass can recover and start growing again in the spring.

A spring fertilization treatment helps prevent weeds from appearing on your lawn by strengthening the roots of your grass and thickening your lawn!

A spring fertilization treatment will help prepare your lawn for the summer.

Much like winter, the summer is another challenging time for your lawn. The heat and longer droughts mean that your grass needs extra care to survive the entire summer season. By fertilizing your lawn in the spring, you can help build up your lawn’s stress tolerance to help it prepare for the higher summer temperatures. A spring fertilization treatment will help your grass establish deeper roots in your soil to strengthen it. Not to mention that when you're providing your grass with a healthy dose of potassium, you’re actually boosting its stress tolerance, meaning it will be better equipped to handle the summer!

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Kickstart your grass this spring with a lawn fertilization treatment. Not only can you help your grass recover from the cold winter months behind us, but you can prepare it for the warmer months ahead. At Prestige Outdoor Services, our lawn fertilization program begins in the spring, followed by another treatment in the summer, and then one last one in the fall to ensure your lawn continues to receive a constant stream of nutrients throughout the year. We service commercial, HOA, and residential properties in Calgary, AB, and surrounding cities like Airdrie and Chestermere. Call us today at (403) 250-8464 to sign up for our lawn fertilization service to keep your grass strong and healthy!