Summer is a stressful period for grass in Calgary, AB. Your lawn is going to need some support to get through the hot summer season. To help your grass along, you should consider supplying it with extra nutrients via a summer fertilization treatment. This treatment will ensure your grass can endure the rising temperatures while also preparing it to combat any lawn insects that like to come out over the summer. When thinking about what kind of fertilizer to use, a granular fertilizer will work best to give your grass a constant stream of nutrients. Keep reading to learn more about the numerous benefits a summer fertilization treatment has to offer!

A summer fertilization treatment provides your grass with extra nutrients to survive the heat.

Fertilized lawn in Calgary, AB.

In Calgary, most lawns consist of cool-season grass. While these grass types are well adapted to the cooler seasons like fall and spring, the heat in summer can be a challenge for them. So, they’re going to need some extra help to make it through the entire summer. Fertilizers contain nutrients like nitrogen and potassium, which provide numerous benefits to your grass. Nitrogen will strengthen your turf by promoting root growth while potassium will increase your grass’s heat tolerance. A summer fertilization treatment will provide them with a boost in nutrients that they can use to survive the hotter season.

Pair a summer fertilization treatment with weed control to ensure your grass isn't competing against weeds for nutrients!

A summer fertilization treatment will fortify your grass against lawn insects.

Lawn insects, like sod webworms, come out and damage lawns in Calgary over the summer. They are capable of causing severe damage to your turf, leaving you to nurse your lawn back to health during the hotter months. That is why it’s best to prepare for them and other lawn insects by providing your grass with extra nutrients with a summer fertilization treatment. A summer fertilization treatment will fortify your grass with essential nutrients to help combat any damage from lawn insects.

If your lawn is full of brown patches, you can help fill it in with beautiful new grass through a combination of aeration and overseeding.

Use a granular fertilizer to give your lawn a constant supply of nutrients over the summer.

Fertilizer pellets being poured from hands in Calgary, AB.

The most optimal way to provide your grass with nutrients over the summer is by using a granular fertilization treatment. Granular fertilizers are slow-release fertilizers, meaning they can provide your lawn with a steady supply of nutrients throughout the entire summer. You don’t want to constantly reapply fertilizer throughout the summer season because you run the risk of “burning” your grass. Therefore, you should aim to apply a granular treatment at the beginning of the summer. It will strengthen your lawn to handle the rising temperatures and keep supplying nutrients so your grass can thrive. And as the temperatures drop towards the end of summer, the nutrients will also help your lawn recover from the heat it had to endure.

Fortify your lawn with nutrients this summer. Call us to sign up for our lawn fertilization program!

Now is the time to strengthen your grass for the summer with a lawn fertilization treatment. At Prestige Outdoor Services, we offer a five-treatment fertilization and weed control plan, which includes a summer fertilization treatment. We use a granular fertilizer to ensure your grass gets the nutrients it needs all summer. We service commercial, HOA, and residential properties in Calgary, AB, and surrounding cities like Airdrie and Chestermere. Call us today at (403) 250-8464 to sign up for our lawn fertilization program! We looking forward to hearing from you!