In Alberta, issues like insect infestations and turf diseases can lower the health of your grass. For many unfortunate property owners, this can then create weakened, damaged turf that no longer looks visually appealing. What was once a beautiful, eye-catching lawn can soon after become patchy and sparse. So, if your lawn recently suffered through a lawn disease, insect infestation, or an environmental stressor such as heat, it's important you take steps to help it recover! Here are three services that can help turn your lawn's health around! Scheduling a fertilization treatment can help nourish your lawn. An aeration treatment can help nutrients better reach the roots of your grass. Lastly, an overseeding service can fill in the bare or patchy areas of your turf. Keep reading to learn more about each of these lawn care services!

1. Fertilization can give your lawn vital nutrients to grow strong again!

Granular fertilizer pellets in lawn in Chestermere, AB.

After enduring a lawn disease or insect infestation, your lawn might need a serious pick-me-up. You can give it that boost it needs by scheduling a fertilization treatment. During a fertilization service, professionals use fertilizer to nourish your grass with the nutrients it needs to grow thick and green again.

In turn, the roots of your grass can begin to deepen their reach to start growing strong again. This can help you resuscitate your lawn, revitalizing it and "greening" it up again!

Most lawn care companies offer a fertilization program with multiple visits! This helps ensure constant access to essential nutrients.

2. Aeration creates canals for nutrients and other resources to nourish your lawn.

Professional from Prestige aerating lawn in Okotoks, AB.

Aeration is key to recovering and caring for your lawn! During this service, professionals use an aerator to create small holes in the soil for nutrients to flow through. By loosening the compaction of your soil, nutrients have much better access to the roots of your grass.

After an aeration service, it is common for your lawn care company to leave behind the cores of soil that they pulled out. This is because these cores are jam-packed with nutrients for your lawn to reabsorb, so when these cores eventually decompose, integral nutrients are recycled back into your lawn. If you're looking to give your grass a fighting chance at regaining what it lost, aerating it is definitely a must!

3. Overseeding can help fill in bare and patchy areas of your lawn.

Overseeding machine servicing lawn in Aspen Woods, AB.

Lawn diseases and insects can scar your lawn by leaving patchy or bare areas behind. Unfortunately, even after the problem is eradicated, unsightly bare spots can remain. So, if your lawn has this issue, overseeding might be a service to schedule! During an overseeding service, professionals evenly spread seeds across your lawn to fill in bare or patchy areas.

By scheduling this service, you can recuperate the dense, green lawn you vividly remember. This can even help your lawn fight against stressors in the future by thickening and fortifying it!

Pair aeration and overseeding for optimal results; the seeds can fall into the holes left after aeration, increasing the changes of seed germination!

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It's not uncommon for lawns in Alberta to fall victim to a lawn disease or lawn insect infestation. So, when these problems happen, it's important to know how to recover the green turf you love so much! By scheduling a lawn care service, especially fertilization, aeration, and overseeding, you can start your lawn's healing journey. At Prestige Outdoor Services, we hope to help you achieve the green lawn you want and once had! Call us at (403) 250-8464 to schedule our lawn care services! We service Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, and nearby areas in Alberta.