Core aeration and overseeding services available for properties in Calgary, AB, and surrounding cities.

Improve the health and appearance of your lawn with professional core aeration and overseeding services! These services are essential for promoting long-term healthy grass growth and strengthening your existing turf, which helps protect your yard from weeds, diseases, and pest infestations.

We offer both services here at Prestige Outdoor Services because we know the importance of maintaining your lawn and landscape throughout the year. Aeration and overseeding are currently offered for residential and commercial properties located in the Calgary, AB area, including Airdrie, Chestermere, and other surrounding cities.

What is the importance of core aeration?

Lawn aeration diagram for lawns in Chestermere, Alberta

Core aeration is one of the most beneficial lawn care services around. By simply using an aeration machine that punctures small holes in the soil:

  • Lawn grass establishes deeper roots into the ground
  • Nutrient and fertilizer uptake levels increase
  • Air and water circulation improves
  • Heat and drought resistance is strengthened

Lawns need just as much care and attention as our own bodies in order to remain healthy and strong. With all the heavy foot traffic from kids, pets, and large pieces of equipment, the soil underneath slowly becomes compacted. This limits how much air, water, nutrients, and sunlight are being absorbed by your lawn's root system.

Another issue that impacts lawn health is excessive thatch buildup. Thatch consists of decaying plant matter, un-mulched lawn clippings, and other grass components that don't decompose easily. This layer exists between the lawn's roots and the soil, so when it gets too thick, the roots get trapped and become more vulnerable to diseases, pests, and drought. The grass will also suffocate from a lack of airflow.

Performing core aeration once a year helps reduce the amount of thatch buildup that accumulates and will strengthen overall lawn growth.

Core aeration strengthens your lawn's root system by allowing more water, oxygen, and nutrients to be absorbed.

Why does overseeding your lawn work better after it's been aerated?

Any bare, damaged, or empty spots on your lawn can be repaired with an overseeding service. Overseeding fills those areas with new and healthy grass, which in turn strengthens the turf's ability to fight off diseases and insects and reduces the likelihood of weed growth.

When overseeding is performed after core aeration, the grass seedlings can nest deeper into the soil and germinate even faster. The sudden influx of water, oxygen, and nutrients also supplies the new grass seeds with everything they need to grow in thick and strong!

After your overseeding service, you'll need to make sure the seeded areas are getting enough water for the first few weeks. Grass seeds will start to germinate within a week of the application, and lightly watering your lawn every day plays a key part in the process.

Be sure to water your lawn right after the overseeding service and then continue soaking the first inch or two of soil for at least two weeks. You won't have to water as much once the seeds germinate, but doing a deeper watering initially will help strengthen the roots.

We like to use a Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, and ryegrass seed mix to effectively help strengthen your existing turf with healthy new growth!

Our core aeration and overseeding services can be done during the spring and fall!

Lawn aeration services in Airdrie, Alberta.

Both our core aeration and overseeding services are available during the spring and fall! Whether you'd like to have these lawn care services performed in one season or the other, we always recommend that aeration and overseeding be completed annually.

Most people prefer to have both done in the middle of September when the weather is just starting to cool off.

Overseeding directly after your aeration is the best way to make your lawn thicker and fill in bare spots.

Get started with an aeration and overseeding quote for your lawn!

Is your lawn looking a little worse from wear and tear? Are you starting to notice areas with patchy grass growth? Then your yard is in desperate need of our core aeration and overseeding services!

Don't hesitate to call our team at (403) 250-8464. We'll show you exactly what your lawn needs to start producing stronger and healthier grass for the foreseeable future! Our company services any properties located in Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, Okotoks, and nearby cities of Alberta.